Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not quite done yet...

I am writing about Mia again because I am not quite done being happy for the addition of a little one...

It's not that this baby is any more precious than any of our other babies.  It's just that the unexpected and delightful arrival of this one reminds us that our Father above trusts our family to raise and nuture little spirits; and that He really does have a bigger picture in mind.  I am convinced that this little spirit was specifically intended for Beck and Jer. And through this experience I am even more excited to see what other little bundles lay in store for all of the rest of my family...

Becki's husband wrote a great post over at CJane's blog
You should check it out!

We are doing great around here. Just a couple of updates.
Jenna has a loose tooth that makes her IQ score drop at least 20 points.  She won't let me pull it.  Believe me--I've tried.

Austin gets his tonsils and adenoids out next week.  We are hoping for a sinus-infection-clearing miracle like it was for Benson a couple of years ago.

Dallin is way taller than me.

Landon's taller than Dallin.

Austin is only two inches behind me--5'3".

This will be our last week with a teenage-free home.  Is that happy or sad?  Not sure yet!

All four boys need new shoes (we've already super-glued them twice...).  And so does their dad.  Sounds like a date night night huh!   
(because there won't me much left for me after spending a small fortune on feet!)


Fonda said...

What a precious little baby and miracle.

Juli said...

I can't believe how fast these boys grow. I can't keep up. Emily has feet as big as me!

Good luck with the tonsils. Ouch. It hurts, but it feels better after it hurts. Don't eat bananas. Seriously, you think because they're soft they will be a good food, but they hurt. Frozen juice, baby. It feels good. It tastes good. It gets nice and slushy.

I miss you.