Thursday, May 14, 2009

Moving, sisters and other fun stuff

We are in the midst of everyone's favorite activity...moving. Not too far mind you--just a couple of blocks down the road into a house that we already own (our renters moved out...long story).

We are excited but I have forgotten how much stress is involved with reconciling myself with all my not-quite-well-enough-organized stuff. ugg. And of course the prospect of all of our great friends who are willing to help really seeing the "dirty laundry in the corners." And to make it all even more of an adventure--my mom is out of town.

How does one move without her mother? I'll tell you how--she uses her sisters. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Three of my four sisters came home yesterday (we miss you Juli!). Though they really came to visit Emily, who is here on a surprise visit from Ohio, I am pretending they all came just for me. It's amazing. Not a husband in sight (mine is around here sometimes--I'm just not quite sure where...) and yet everything gets done. Okay--actually Trevor was here for a couple of hours today and I will admit--I put him to work pulling out a cabinet for me. Thanks.

It's so great to see how things work together. We all enjoy each other's kids and it doesn't seem to be a problem to work out food or cleaning or anything else. In fact it's really nice to have other moms around. I can see the advantages of this.

In general--I hope to emerge from the moving fun in about a week. We'll see how it goes... Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


It's amazing what a little water can do to a desert. Not many know that the Magic Valley is so named because the irrigation system that was hand dug throughout the valley "magically" turned a desolate looking desert to one of the most fertile farming valleys around. Most tourists come to see Shoshone Falls--which is spectacular. We prefer our own local wonder hidden among dirt roads and fields just starting to grow.

We went to Cauldron Linn this last week for Family Home Evening. It was spectacular with all the spring run-off water. It is a spot on the Snake river where the canyon narrows to 40 feet and the water is forced through the opening like a massive churning washing machine. It's truly stunning. And people come from far and wide to kayak through the world-class Murtaugh stretch of the river. (Not Cauldron Linn--no one has ever gone through that water way and survived.) This year a man from Pocatello died up river when his raft was trapped. Very sad.

We weren't nearly as close to the edge as it looks in the pictures. Jenna still had a death grip on her dad but at least she was able to smile this year. Remember these pictures when the water level was low? Some of my favorites of all time!

We had my mom and dad with us. We ate dinner just a couple hundred yards away from the Cauldron where the river is glassy and deceptively calm. We imagined what it was like for the first explorers in canoes who didn't know how violent the river would get just a little way up stream. The first explorers lost two of their company and several of their canoes. We talked about how sometimes it can be hard to see dangerous things that are coming up in our lives. We have to read the maps and watch the signs and listen to the people who have already gone 'down the river.'

We also explained to the kids that sometimes people won't listen and they get stuck in the rapids where it's really hard or even impossible to get out. They have to have a rescue party. That's what our Dad is so busy doing. He is helping people that are trying really hard to make their lives better so they don't get trapped by sins. We all agreed that we don't mind sharing.

We ended with a rock skipping contest. Grandpa Patterson won--eleven skips! Great night.

In other news we are busy with remodeling the bathroom and packing and cleaning the house. The big move isn't far away. **Just finished book nine of Tennis shoes--ready for book 10. But, the much awaited book 5 of Percy and the Olympians comes out Tuesday, that will surely trump Tennis shoes. The boys won't let me read Percy to them. They both want to read it themselves. Good thing I have younger ones still!**