Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tweens no more!

The twins turned 13 today!

I really can't believe how fast time flies.  Didn't they just look like this???

In the bottom picture Dallin and Landon are sharing a bassinet with plenty of space.  The doctors think Dallin and Landon started to have twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome at the very end of the pregnancy.  Thankfully this didn't happen any earlier--Dallin especially had a rough start but was able to go home with us after three days.  Interesting trivia fact--Dallin and Landon had monochorionic but separate amniotic sacs--that means that they had separate inner sacs but one single outer sac during pregnancy. 

You can't see it terribly well, but Dallin was super pale in color (not getting enough blood) and Landon was bright red (getting way too much blood).  That's how we could tell them apart at first.  Looking at them today It's hard to imagine those tiny beginnings.  These two boys have blessed us in more ways than we can express and we are excited to have teenagers in the house!


Spencer P. said...

Cool looking dog! I hated the first week with our dog. We moved our bed mattress to the living room for a few days so we could sleep next to the crate, since Henry was in our room. You know your stuff with training dogs. I can't wait to see this pooch doing backflips and housekeeping on command!

Kendra said...

Dallin and Landon--you're cool! Happy Birthday!

Tommie said...

wow! I can't believe it!! 13!! How are ya'll? It's so great see your cute family!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday boys! I'm excited to have some teenagers in the family too! (not counting Spencer)

Juli said...

Happy Birthday! You guys are awesome. Good job on the scouting!