Saturday, January 2, 2010

Year end tribute (in poetry!)

Christmas was awesome
we all had a blast!
It took merely hours 
for the house to be trashed...
Snowboards and petshops
Wii wished for more snow,
then off to Sam's wedding
in Utah did go.
New Year's parties are fun
but we stayed home instead.
Sick with the flu 
Dad and I stayed in bed.
A new year has started
we all set some goals.
Gratitude, organize--
keep up with the clothes!
One thing is for sure
as two thousand nine ends,
We have surely been blessed;
Thank You family and friends.


sariah said...

Sheesh! Who knew you were such a poet?! Great job! :-)

Your family room looks so cozy and fun with your pretty tree, stockings and fireplace, I have to visit some time.

VicandNanc said...

What a cute Christmas poem! It sounds like it was busy as it should be :) I hope you guys are feeling better too. Being sick is the pits!

Jamie H said...

You are a poet and I didn't even know it! Impressive! Hope you all are feeling better... did any one else come down with the bug?

beck said...

Christmas was awesome with you guys. Thanks for being patient with Ethan and his desires for a Christmas play.

Juli said...

That was awesome! I hope you're feeling better. I wish I could have been there.