Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Silver lining

*I better qualify these comments. They are just my own personal thoughts. I wrote them down so I can remember them. I'm sure Rustin would have entirely different points if he were writing. He is much more politically minded than I am. But he doesn't have a blog...:)**

I lay in bed last night thinking of all the reasons I would tell people I didn't vote for Barak Obama. And all the reasons I was shocked to realize many I know and love did vote for Obama. My mind rambled from Obama's blatant disregard for the laws of God in regard to abortion (he voted for partial birth abortions--he was even more liberal on this subject than Ted Kennedy--what does that say!) and his support of same sex marriage, to his theory of redistribution of wealth and his statement on Monday that he would "tax all the coal mines into bankruptcy." Does he have any idea what that would do to an already destitute Navajo Nation not to mention the power shortages that his precious Hollywood celebrities will experience?

I wouldn't say that McCain was a good choice either, but the fact that this president will likely nominate three or four supreme court justices and cute little Sarah Palin, were enough to tip the scales to the republican side of the issue for us. I knew Obama would win but I, could not, in good conscience, vote for such far left ideals as possessed by Obama. I was distressed to find that some of my friends didn't see things from my perspective.

However, this morning I woke up and watched a minute of the morning news coverage and I saw the crowds and crowds of crying celebrating people--both black and white--and I realized that there may yet be some good come out of all this.

One of the saddest things that I realized in Memphis was that there was an entire culture of people who were cheating themselves out of success because they thought they lived in an unfairly balanced world that could never be overcome. But as I watched Obama today, I realized that there are no more excuses. Maybe this is just what the struggling black families of the inner city areas need to see. There aren't any excuses for failing. Anything is possible no matter what your skin color. There is no excuse for ignorance and lack of self control. There's no one to blame. Maybe we'll see more people get out there and be the parents that the last generation didn't know how to be.

I also had some insight into Obama's thinking a little bit. Dallin is doing a project about Robert E. Lee from the confederacy. I have learned a lot about that man. He really was a good man who fought for the "wrong" side because he couldn't bare to raise his arm against his family and home. For many in the south, the war was not about slavery but about state's rights. The southern states thought they had the right to do whatever they wanted without interference from the government.

The problem was that there are limits to rights. Life and liberty for all being foremost of those limits. Slavery crossed the line. It had to be stopped. Obama is from a group that really has no tolerance for anyone taking away individual rights. I can understand why. However, I think they take it too far (life and liberty) when they completely support really radical versions of abortion (like leaving a breathing infant in a linen closet to die after a partial birth abortion, as testified by a nurse to congress). To me, some abortion issues are obviously clear cut. Others not so much. But I think I understand where the thinking is coming from. The issues are complicated and extremely complex. How is it that some will go to the ends of the earth to allow a gruesome abortion but won't let people buy the weapons of their own choice. hmmm. Some debates are looming. But I can at least see some purpose in some of the reasoning. That makes me understand Obama---and maybe even like him. Well maybe not like, but tolerate. Just a little tiny bit.


beck said...

Did you know that he actually doesn't support gay marriage?

And I love you. (seriously)

Vicky said...

I enjoyed reading this post. Ryan and I have talked about what we saw and learned in Memphis. Both the racism, that is still strong, and the complacency that is cyclic. I hope that Obama can stimulate the country into doing more for themselves and make us proud again as a whole. The abortion issue still pains me.

Kimberly said...

Hey Beck--Rustin actually just told me that he doesn't support gay marriage. It's really the partial birth abortion that gives me a stomach ache.

beck said...

I agree, Kim. I don't understand how very intelligent people can make the choice to believe that allowing death to babies who can't choose for themselves is somehow better than the 'personal choice' of an adult. It's a moral decision that I don't understand.

Larson 7 said...

I totally agree. I went to bed early on election night because I was sick about the election. I worry about the Supreme Court nominations. The good news is the passing of the consttutional amendments "marraige- one man, one woman" in all three states passing. Page and the Navajo Nation voted so overwhelming in favor that we carried our county which includes, Flagstaff the most liberal city in AZ. They voted against it by 80%. We had great experiences organizing wards through the stake to get people registered and out to vote.