Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh what do you do...

Rustin is gone for the rest of the week.  Scout camp tonight, girls camp tomorrow, high adventure Friday and home on Saturday.  I think this is the bishop's-job highlight of the year.  He loves it.  The Young Women particularly have him wrapped around their cute little fingers!  He will really do anything for them.

So here's what it looks like around here with just me running the show---

Cereal for breakfast.

Cereal for lunch

Nachos for dinner. Awesome.

(not that Rustin makes dinner but if he isn't coming home then I just don't really worry about it...)

Actually we mowed the lawn and vacuumed under the couches and scrubbed the kitchen floor.  We really did.  Tomorrow we have a serious massive clothing sorting party planned.  I have put this off for way too long.

I'm thinking ten shirts per kids for the school year.

Is that too many? too few?  Two weeks worth (about)...

How do the rest of you manage clothing?

I have a hard time because the three big boys wear the same size of everything including socks and underwear.  Actually Austin's pants are shorter but we are in shorts right now so we don't notice...  I can't keep the sizes sorted so I just put everything together which ends up as a massive amount of clothes in a small space sometimes.

Shirts hang up in the closet and pants go in the bins but we never have enough pants (they wear them out  faster than I can get new ones).  Dallin and Landon have their "own" shirts for the most part. Landon is a bit more possessive of his clothes than his brothers.

Landon still tends to wear the blue shirts and Dallin tends to wear the red shirts.  It helps kids and teachers at school call them by the right name.  Poor Austin gets whatever is left.  He doesn't complain though.  Whoever gets dressed first gets good pants and the other two complain that someone stole "my" pants.  I guess we need to go shopping.

Interesting fact:  Rustin does the clothes shopping 90% of the time.  He's just faster and better at it than I am.

I'm thinking of chucking the ENTIRE box of unmatched socks and buying 50 pair of plain white socks that the boys, Rustin and I can all share.

Is sharing socks weird or gross?

I think my perspective is skewed.  After the twins were born I tried to keep pacifiers, bottles and burp cloths separate for about two weeks before I realized it was futile.  I gave up, and it's all been downhill since.

We do have our own tooth brushes though.  Except I steal Rustin's whenever I can't find mine.  I don't think he knows that...

I miss him.


InkMom said...

Sharing socks is waaaaaaay less gross than sharing underwear. I keep trying to get my boys to claim one cartoon character as their own, but no one seems to be fazed by it but me. So I just let it go.

I'm basically shopping for triplets now, too. At three, Mason is consistently wearing size 5 -- and about to grow out of it. These boys are Great Dane puppies, I swear.

Jamie H said...

Kim, where have you been! I'm a scout widow this week too! We should have totally gotten together and gone SHOPPING! Just kidding I'm not looking forward to outfitting the crew either. And just for the record we DO share toothbrushes. Its gross I know, but it started when they were little and not a big deal...its evolved, but nobody seems to care and the teeth still get clean. Honestly I regularly give them their own toothbrushes, color-coded even, but nobody seems to stick to it. How do you do it?

Growinguptogether said...

I found that less is better for me. I get them one weeks worth of clothes and do the wash once a week. They have one weeks worth of clothes to put away and keep track of. Boring I know but it works and no build up. Bummer is when I get sick and the wash doesn't get done.

Kendra said...

Kim, go ahead and share socks. Underwear, only in dire circumstances, but for heaven sakes, toothbrushes? Grrrrrosssss. I think I would go without before I used someone else's toothbrush.
Love, your sister Kendra

Camisetta said...

We just threw away a bunch of old, mismatched socks, too! It's a fabulous idea, and it's not gross. About the toothbrush thing... I think 2 weeks of clothes is perfect. I hated wearing the same shirt every week during my mission, because I only had a week's worth of clothes at times. BUT they are boys and don't really seem to care about that kind of thing...

sariah said...

Ha Ha! Minutes before I read this post I'd just finished telling Taylor, who has lost his toothbrush AGAIN, to go use somebody's toothbrush as long as it isn't mine, but to PLEASE brush your teeth. :-)

A few years back I threw away all socks and the three older wore the same socks for a year. It worked pretty good until Torsten grew a whole bunch and Hailey decided she wanted to wear something cuter than plain white ankle socks all the time. I would go for it!