Thursday, April 23, 2009

Self imposed snow day

One week ago we woke up to the shocking sight of a couple solid inches of snow on the ground and plenty more still falling from the gray sky. I had meticulously washed, sorted and packed all the winter clothes the weekend before (Easter weekend) and they were already moved out of the house. What was a girl supposed to do?!

I called all four teachers and sheepishly told them the their respective Hatch students wouldn't be in to school for the day. No explanations given. Hee Hee.

I made a deal with the kids that they could stay home but it would be a day of work.
I had them help me sort and clean the back storage room and their dressers which they were happy to do.

Before we started all the chores I found the basement eerily quiet. I went upstairs to find all five kids dancing wildly in Austin's room. It was awesome. We actually had a really great day. Though I hope there is no need to repeat it any time soon!

**For our records, we are now in book nine of the Tennis Shoes series. Landon leap-frogged us and is in book 10.**

Just a few Easter pics

Egg hunting at Grandma and Grandpa's. Baskets and lots of candy! Ethan, Josh and Emmet with their moms (Beck and Kenj)were there too. And Tom. Even a few spring flowers!

Austin won the honor of being the last to find his basket. Inside one of Grandpa's hanging canoes. I'm not allowed to give any help to the big boys anymore. My desire to have everyone happy usually ruins the fun of the game for the more competitive ones. They're pretty much all competitive. I'm learning. They will all appreciate my peace-making skills some day.

Easter was beautiful and a lot of fun.

Conference weekend

Always one of the favorite weekends of the year. This time was no different. I think missing conference would be like missing my birthday or the day after Thanksgiving.

As usual I made a bazillion cinnamon rolls. A couple of pans for us and a bunch for all the other bishopric families. I'll admit it took a few years of trial and error before I figured out the tricks for the rolls and the brown sugar butter frosting (thanks Tim Gibbons!). I can now say with confidence that I can make really good rolls!

And we ate the best batch of creamy chicken noodle soup--of course the gorgeous pot makes it taste even better!

And Benson told me I had crazy hair. Come on now--there are only so many hair-taming bobby pins to be found in this house!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The most important of all...

I love it when we can help each other. And there is no one I would rather help than my family. So here goes.

My sister needs a baby.

Years ago Becki and Jeremy and a tiny baby Ethan bravely fought and beat Becki's colon cancer. She is happy and healthy and cancer free today. The age of chemo has past and it's time for bigger and better things. Namely, growing a family.

I don't know if I can express how deeply I desire for Becki and Jeremy and Ethan to have a baby join their home. My heart aches when Ethan sets out stuffed animals to be his 'brothers and sisters'. I have boxes of my very favorite (just can't part with them) baby outfits saved for the day when we get a new little family member--via the Kendricks.

I think if every prospective parent truly knew the desires of their hearts, and if they knew Becki and Jeremy, they would be clamoring in line to get to them.

I could go on and on. I love the way Becki gets totally righteously indignant if Rustin (my husband) tries to play her left-handed in racquetball. Or they way Ethan makes little "magic books" (and a million maps to nowhere) for his cousins. And Jeremy--from guitar playing to Ethan-directed-video making to computer fixing, it's pretty hard to get past his charming dimples.

So, if you feel inspired, join our family. Help us spread the word. Click on the button on the toolbar to read their profile and to get your own awesome button.

***And just for fun---Jeremy's brother is married to the oh-so-lovely cjane, who really feels like family along with all the Kendricks. We all know how much we would love our children to have cjane for an aunt! Don't miss her great post about this button. And definitely watch the video about crackers. Hilarious.***