Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring break break

We had a great weekend. My birthday was on Friday and it really was a great day. In fact I can't remember a birthday when I was this spoiled. Jenna could not wait to bring me my present from my mom first thing on the morning. It was a robin's egg blue enamel coated cast iron dutch oven that I have wanted for YEARS. It is absolutely beautiful. Rustin also gave me new scriptures with my married name on them--which I think I have totally earned after almost 14 years!

The boys made me breakfast in bed all by themselves. A plateful of bacon ( I heard them say "Jenna go ask mom how she likes her bacon cooked but don't tell her we're making breakfast."), scrambled eggs (with a little cheese says Landon), a giant cup of chocolate milk and a pile of toast with butter. Exactly what they would love for breakfast. It was really nice. And then they helped me clean the house with NO complaining. It was truly Great.

I got to go out to lunch with some friends and I got a manicure. Really, I was completely spoiled. It was just what I needed to get me back 'in the game.' I love being 35--I have been looking forward to it for a long time. It's just such a nice number.

Friday night we drove down to Beck and Jer's house to spend the night. Tom was down to visit also and we all went to Hogle Zoo together. It was Tom's 23 birthday--he was totally jealous of me--wishes he was 35--right Tom?! It was a gorgeous day and we didn't really mind the crowds too much. The cousins love to be together. And no one was lost or left behind which is always a big plus.

A menagerie of our own---

The elephants, Rhino and wolf were a big hit. I don't know if anything could top a ride on the carousel for Jenna though.

We had a great time. And we are all thoroughly ready for spring.

**What we're reading--just finished Tennis shoes among the Nephites #4--starting #5.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday? Seriously?

It's been a great two days of spring break.

I have only threatened my children with death once. (It would have been more if my parents didn't take mercy on the twins and invite them over to spend the night tonight...).

My house is completely clean and tidy (as noted below)--

and absolutely NOTHING has been broken. (Please notice the carefully planned,newly purchased picture frames that graced my kitchen wall for a whopping 30 hours. I haven't found the energy to try to super glue the frames back together but I did sweep up all the glass. Does that count?)

I have been feeding everyone low-carb homemade goodness (straight from the local bakery)

And I haven't bribed ANYONE (Landon) with a doughnut to help me go grocery shopping.

It's 10:30 p.m. and Jenna just asked me when Daddy is coming home from work. ("He's really late today!") I reminded her that he was home for dinner for a second before he headed out again.

I will give myself credit for attempting some St. Patrick's Day spirit--we had corned beef and cabbage for dinner. Very good. And I let every child pinch me ('no tiny pinches allowed,' I said a million times) when they noticed that I wasn't wearing green. All day. Aren't I a good sport?

It's supposed to be really nice out tomorrow so maybe I'll get them to move the fort business outside. And I'll get to work on the pictures--this time with the earthquake proof hangers!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Who needs a convertable?

We do not have prissy barbies around here. Not when they can ride in style courtesy of a bright yellow dump truck. Life's fun with four brothers!

Jen and Ben continually make us laugh at their 'games' which seem endless and always involve a trip outside no matter the weather--seriously--Jen should be a mail carrier some day.

This morning Benson came to me very distraught saying, "somebody elses's talk is in my mouth."
Then he started crying--"Get that other person's talk out of my mouth. It hurts on the ceiling (pointing in his mouth)."

He kept reaching back into his throat to the "ceiling" where it hurt. Then he curled up on my lap and went to sleep. At 10 am.

When Rustin came home Benson finally started saying his ear hurt so we started to figure it out. I was able to take him in to the doctor right then. He has a raging ear infection (to go along with the thick green gunk that plagues his existence--though it has been better since the tonsils are gone). Tonight after he was feeling better he said to me "the other person's talk is out of my mouth." I finally figured out what he had been saying.

Clearly he meant 'voice' not 'talk' and I think his own voice sounded like someone else's voice because of the fluid in his ear. And the pain in the 'ceiling' was up at the back/top of his throat near his ears.

Anyway, he's feeling better and he swallows pills like a champ so all is well.

We are looking forward to spring break. YEAH! This afternoon Dallin and Landon were persuaded ($7.50 each) to sort and put away all the laundry and clean the entire basement. They did a good job. It was totally worth it to me! I am looking forward to no homework and no rushing to beat the tardy bell! Woo Hoo!

What are we reading right now? Book four of the Tennis Shoes among the Nephites.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Homework cheat.

This is Landon doing his homework. Actually this is Jenna doing Landon's homework. "She colors way better and faster than me," he says. Dallin has 'hired' her a couple of times too. It doesn't take much to convince her to take the job. Is coloring a necessary skill for college?

Benson's self portraits. Isn't he photogenic!

We no longer have a dog. :( This is Milly--our red eyed furry replacement. She makes cute squeaking noises unless we try to go to bed without feeding her then she makes really loud squawks... She actually likes the clicker and has learned to bump my hand for a piece of lettuce. Kind of fun.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The belly of the whale...

It's a hard place to be. I feel for Jonah. His Old testament trials have certainly been experienced by many since the creation of the world. Self-doubt. Anxiety. Pleading. Despair beyond belief. I can imagine why he felt like running away when he received a call from the Lord that seemed impossible. I can imagine the courage and faith it took for Jonah to face his calling and jump off the ship into the roiling ocean waters. I'm sure his time spent in the belly of a whale were prayerful, humbling and extremely difficult. But also a time of teaching and blessings.

We have had our own 'belly of the whale' days around here the past few months. Even though we knew that the Lord was in charge, sometimes the experience was heavy indeed. Very difficult. We have thwarted Satan only because of many, many prayers, fasting, temple attendance and scriptures. And hours upon hours of talking. I have seen Rustin grow more than ever before. More than I knew was possible. As have I. I know that the Lord loves us and that He does indeed have a plan for each of His children.

I am happy to say that Rustin is now walking on dry land. The sun is rising and there is a promise of peace,love and hope in the future. Rustin was sustained and ordained as the bishop of our ward today. It doesn't seem overwhelming. In fact, in comparison to the last few months, nothing seems overwhelming. We have had an outpouring of peace. I know that all is right with the world today and I can't thank all those who have helped us so much these past few months. We still need you and we love you.