Friday, April 30, 2010

Staked down

We have wind beyond wind around here today.  We are hanging on.  It is that time of year when it's not really the end of the school year but we all wish it was.  There are no fun summer activities to look forward to yet and school is packed with end of the year learning assignments aka homework.

Jenna was first in  her class in the 1/2 mile run.  She passed two boys at the end to win.  She has always loved to run.  Jenna also finally lost her front tooth.  Rustin 'accidentally' got his fingernail caught under her tooth and popped it out.  The tooth fairy incurred two nights of late fees making this tooth worth 5 bucks.  Jenna is thrilled.  She also played beautifully in her recital last Saturday--O  Come Little Children and Song of the Wind.

Dallin and Landon have been super busy with scouts.  They are both on track to get their Eagle awards by the end of the year if everything goes all right.  Some of these merit badges are a lot of work and require a lot of time.  Right now they are both working on Physical Fitness and music and of course camping.  

Austin is mostly recovered from his surgery.  He had a bit of a setback last Saturday when he was feeling so good he couldn't resist a piece of pizza at a friends house.  Unfortunately, it tore the scab off in his throat and it started bleeding again.  All day Sunday he ate only one Popsicle and Monday he ate only one cup of smoothie.  No fun. He is back to school and is completely caught up with his work.  YEAH!

Ben is still my snuggly boy.  I love it.  He gets to register for kindergarden next week.  Jenna made an entire set of flash cards to "make sure he's ready to go to school."  I had nothing to do with it--I'm not much of a flash card person.  Benson will definately benefit from her tutoring.  He's not terribly interested in reading activities yet which makes me a bit nervous.  Hopefully reading will come easily to him like it did for Jenna and Austin.

Rustin is super busy.  He does a great job.  Our scouts had their entire trailer of equipment stolen so they have a big car wash fund raiser to try to replace tents etc.  And of course he has his hands full trying to keep me sane--with varying degrees of success! 


Spencer P. said...

Go Jenna! I think that is really awesome that she beat the boys. I remember being embarased by girls in elementary school too.

Spencer P. said...

oops I meant to write "embarrassed".