Tuesday, April 20, 2010

T and A

Otherwise known as Tonsillectomy and Adnoidectomy.

Austin had surgery this morning.  We are hoping this will end several years of untreatable sinus congestion/infection like it did for Benson last year. 

Austin did great even with the IV start--his most nerve-wracking part.  They sprayed his skin with a numbing spray and then a little bubble of lidocaine and Austin really didn't feel much of anything.  When he got back to the room, he just turned from side to side while we listened to the wailing children in the rooms around us. 

Once we got home, the soreness kicked in and even a chocolate popsicle couldn't help.

They gave us a new medicine that we haven't ever used before.  It is VERY concentrated Oxycodone hydrochloride--Austin only takes 1/4 of a milliliter.  That's about 10-15 drops.  And it has no taste at all.  Awesome!  Once the medicine kicked in we (Austin and I) took a long nap.  

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


Ash said...

speedy recovery Austin! I hope you feel better soon!

beck said...

Not even better with a chocolate popsicle!? What? Man, he must be hurting. Those things always make me feel better.