Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homecoming 2014

The kids has a great time at the Homecoming dance this year. Thankfully the dance was better than the football game! We lost in overtime. Ouch. The Bruins have had a rough start this year... Hopefully they will find their feet and get going with future games. Landon isn't playing--he had three major surgeries during his sophomore year (all different injuries) and his shoulders need more time to heal. He's hoping to be able to wrestle later this winter but we'll see how things are going then. This fall he is running in cross country. It's totally different for his body which has been conditioned to perform repeated quick bursts of speed and strength rather than long slow endurance. He gives it 110% every time which we love about him. His first 5K ever time was 22 (very painful!) minutes. Good job Landon!

Dallin's doing great this year. No injuries. We are going to put one of those #of-days-since-our-last-accident clocks on the wall and do something awesome if we can reach one year.  He plays football (of course), right guard and middle linebacker. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Which will be a blessing for him forever. 

                   Dallin and Annika. 
 Gorgeous pictures by Kerrianne Burch

             Landon and Ashlyn

Thanks to the awesome girls in both of these groups. 
Cute. Modest. Fun. Happy. 
And next year we can win the game and have a perfect week altogether!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Call me Miss Beetle

All right. 
Here goes. 
We are home schooling this year!
Ahhh! (Think of father of the bride when the daughter announces she's getting married...)

There is quite a steep learning curve to get this all going but I have some awesome friends and suburb mentors that are holding my hand. 

I should clarify that only Jenna, Benson and Jackson are home every day. And Dallin is taking one English course through the local common wealth school. (Which is awesome.)

We have always loved the idea home school but honestly never ever thought we'd actually take the leap. And then this last spring something changed and here we are. 
And we love it! 
And we are terrified!
And then peaceful!
And then terrified!
And then excited!

We have a huge support system here in Twin Falls. We meet with 66 other kids and moms once a week for really great classes and lots of support. And we have a mix of online and traditional curriculum. We are still working out some of the kinks but I honestly feel myself stretching and growing. I have that warm gentle burning in my heart on a daily basis which always surprises me and is what keeps me going with confidence. 

I realize how blessed I am. 
I sure do love these kids. 

Jenna got to pick the quote of the day. Clearly we are going for literary excellence here...  :)

Making automobiles from Wind in the Willows. 

The rest of us are keeping busy: football, church etc AND I am thrilled to report that we are now going on four months without an injury or surgery. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I just figured out this new blogger phone app! How have I missed this all these years!  This just might change everything in blog land for me. How awesome to write in the comfort of my bed!

We had such a fun summer! I enjoyed every second! There are a thousand things to write about. Swimming, popsicles, cousins, horse back rides...I'll get to it. 

We are at the time of year when it's freezing in the morning and roasting in the afternoon.  I always go into mourning when summer ends but this year hasn't been bad at all! This might be the first time in many years that I totally look forward to chilly mornings and colorful leaves! I'll have to write more about that layer. For now here is my favorite moment if the day.