Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Non-contact sports and Jedi training

The terms "non-contact" and "sport" don't belong in the same sentence with our boys. I'm sure that the average child would be able to make it through swimming season without any major injuries but we don't have average children.  They are exceptional.  They have the distinct ability to injure themselves in just about any situation. 

Last week during swimming Austin somehow managed to get hit in the mouth hard enough to knock his bottom left front tooth loose.  Actually it fractured the bony plate under the tooth killing the blood supply.  He had a root canal Monday which will be finished next week.  So for now his bottom teeth look like they have an extra tooth shoved between them.  It's lovely.

 In the mean time Jackson is in Jedi training school. Sweet little guy.  
I'm hoping if he learns to use the force soon enough he can make it through childhood without any visits to the ER.  

Either way he certainly keeps his siblings entertained....
....which keeps his mom happy!


sariah said...

Your boys ARE amazing! You are too to survive all the ER bills. :-)

Your baby is so cute!!! His hair is lightening up since I last saw him.

Ash said...

too cute, that picture of jackson! he's getting so big! i miss you guys. i'm going to come visit in a few weeks.

Jamie H said...

exceptional children for an exceptional mother! Yeah for er! I can't believe how much Jackson has changed is just a few weeks!

Juli said...

Use the force. . . I'm laughing!