Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week one with a newborn...

Day one:  If you are ever lucky enough to have a sixth child at the hospital make sure to go with an arsenal of comments like --"we love having a house full of kids!" and "I'm so glad I'm the one with these kids too!" or "we just take it a day at a time."

 Didn't sleep one bit in the hospital.  Jackson spent the night with the nurses who were all nervous about his grunting and choking episodes. We went home a little before our 24 hours were up.

Day two:  Jackson still kind of chokes when he spits up.  He isn't grunting as much as he was in the hospital since he threw up a bunch of mucus but he still makes me nervous enough that I am extremely hyper vigilant.  He hasn't cried even once.  Just kind of grunty.  Not much sleep.

Day three: I've never been so swollen in my life.  My hands and feet are shiny and my face has swollen so my eyes look like I belong to a raccoon family. I'm sure the copious amounts of IV fluids during labor and delivery haven't helped the situation.  Even my jaw is so swollen that I can only touch my front four teeth when I close.  Is my body going to recover from this?

Jack eats pretty regularly every three hours.  He falls asleep quickly so if he acts like he's hungry within 30 minutes or so I feed him on the same side and count it as the same feeding.
Comment of the day comes from Benson.   "Hey mom, are you done milking yet?!"

Day four:  My mom is still coming over every morning and does a couple of loads of laundry and makes me breakfast.  I'm spoiled.  Jackson isn't grunty anymore and I am not nearly so worried about him choking.  Night wasn't too bad last night.

Day five:  I still don't want to leave my room.  Thankfully lots of friends are helping drive the kids to all the activities.  It was Sunday today and I slept the entire three hours with baby Jack.  He cried for the first time today.  Cute little wail.

Day six.  I am starting to feel normal again.  I can finally touch my teeth together.  Jackson is adorable.  He still very rarely cries but I am tired.  I am not nearly as tearful this time around as I have been sometimes.  Though I did almost cry today when I saw a picture of a newborn penguin and its mom...

One week:  I seems like an eternity ago that I was pregnant.  Almost immediately after Jack was born I felt the absence of his movements and his little spirit in my tummy. I found myself wishing I was still pregnant more than once.  I can't believe I would say that.  The difference between this time and the other times is that I know this sweet stage in life will be over in just a heartbeat.  Missing a nap or two is such a temporary state of existence.   I'm enjoying every minute--except the first few seconds when he starts to nurse--yeouch!  As my mother always says--"this too shall pass" whether it is a good time or a bad.


VicandNanc said...

I'm glad you are starting to feel a bit better. I remember that first week all too well since it was so recent & I don't look forward to it again! I remember trying to explain to a niece that looked under my nursing cover what I was doing. She was quite apauled with my "milking" because her mom formula fed all of her kids! Haha!

Valerie and Garrett said...

Kim! I just wanted to congratulate you on your little sweetie! He's adorable! I am also going to have a baby (a girl) in about 2 weeks (also being induced due to "big baby" genes I've been given) and your blog makes me excited (and a bit nervous) to get our little one here! Anyway, Hope you're doing well. Sure do love your blog! Thanks for keeping us posted! :)

Juli said...

You are awesome. I love the new heading too.

I wish I was there to put in a load of laundry for you. (And put it away too!)

ann said...

Kim and Rustin Congratulations! (and the rest of the family too) I was 35 when Kade was born and he also was # 6. Didn't lack for love or attention. I think he thought Val was his mom for the first while. Its hard to believe they grow up so fast. Enjoy him and the rest of your clan. This really is the best time....well let me re phrase that..This time will hold many many fond memories but still good times ahead! Love you.

Brooke said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby. I am glad you are doing well and that you have had help so that you can enjoy him even more.