Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Okay somehow I managed to delete all the programming I did for our new blog header and background. What a pain. Apparently this new blog look  is called a dynamic design... Anyway I am hoping this is just some sort of weird leap year funk causing my brain to be unable to process all this new information and I will be able to figure it all out tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Someone stop me...

I must be in the middle of the mid-winter blahs because I am about ready to slather my house in wallpaper.  I have painfully removed wallpaper many times so I know exactly how miserable and outdated it becomes.  But still...
Look at these beautiful new designs!

Of course most of the rolls I chose were a mere $158 per roll.  I did find an awesome clearance selection.
Check them out here.

Monday, February 27, 2012

To build a snow cave

There have been lots of snow cave designs over the last three or four years of klondike campouts.
This year was the best.
Troop 104 made two types.  First the traditional cave.

The scout leaders went up a week early and piled up a bunch of snow.  The digging was easier than ever and the cave was big enough for six toasty warm scouts.

Rustin and the boys used the trench method this year and it was awesome!

They just dug a huge trench--six feet wide and 12 feet long.  The digging was fast--they used shovels and pick axes where the snow was packed--and not nearly as wet as the burrowing method.  They lined the interior with a tarp then covered it up with wood, more tarp and snow.  All four slept in the trench together two by two with their heads together.  They slept through the raging wind and snow and didn't stir until after 8:30 in the morning.

Everyone made it home warm and happy. And smelly.  And tired. And covered with dirty laundry. Awesome.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A new blog title...

I generally fall asleep within seconds of laying down at night but every once in a while I try to stop and think about what I should write about on our blog. Sometimes the list seems pretty short.  I haven't accomplished much:  the laundry still isn't done, the dishwasher is full--again, I still haven't painted the walls or refinished the headboard or tried that awesome recipe from Pinterest...

I spend most of my time on the three 'D's--dishes, diapers and driving.  The other day I made seven {!} trips to the middle school.  That's at least 10 minutes per trip each way for a total of around 2 1/2 hours (not including waiting time) dropping off and picking up.  It doesn't seem a very important use of my life...

This is where blogging comes in.

When  I look back to plan what to write about, I realize that those hours in the car with no radio and no distractions are some of the best conversations I have with my children.  I know who they eat lunch with and what class is the most boring and how it feels to keep missing foul shots at basketball practice.  We have a chance to really talk.  Suddenly driving my kids feels like my own little way of changing the world.

When I write I gain perspective.

When I look back I see the small acts of kindness (countless plates of goodies or meals just when we needed them, phone calls at the right moment, a hug from one of the kids...) and it becomes easier to see the tender mercies of the Lord in my life and my family's life.

I have a feeling things are going to get harder and time is going to pass faster than ever before.  I mean, isn't the world supposed to end this year?  We have until--what?--December 21st according to the Mayans?  As the kids get older their problems are much more serious than they were in the old days--a few sleepless nights or a toddler's temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store is nothing compared with the trials and challenges of adolescence. We really do live in the Lion's Den.

Thankfully we aren't alone.  Our goal this year is to recognize and be grateful for all the little miracles that save us every day.


Today is the Klondike derby.  Rustin and the big boys are probably racing with one of these as I write.

And last night they slept in one of these.

I woke up to the sound of the wailing wind in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep. I hope no one is frozen.  They planned to dig a big trench for the whole troop and cover it with wood, a giant tarp and some snow.  Can't wait to hear how it went.

In the mean time, Jenna and Benson made their own plans.  We went swimming and then we each got one of these:
in honor of our freezing family members.

Have I mentioned that Benson has had a hard time learning to read?  This is something we have dealt with before so it makes us really nervous.  Rustin and Benson lay on the couch every morning after scriptures and practice reading.  Benson is a determined little guy and won't have any help sounding out words which is a great trait.  He has made a lot of progress and is getting better every day but I still worry.

So last night after swimming we pulled up to the drive-through menu to make our choices. Jenna of course wanted a cookie-dough blizzard and then Benson piped up, "I want a double fudge cookie dough blizzard!"

He read the sign! We get blizzards maybe once a year so I know he didn't know what the sign said.

Of course he got his blizzard and I smiled all the way home.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Stop action film

Jackson is a busy baby.  He has been like that since he figured out how to move.  He started walking this last week or so--9 1/2 months. That's just a little later than Dallin's and Landon's walking age.  Of course we thought it was great with Dallin and Landon.  We are wiser this time around and wish we could postpone the inevitable loss of parental control that starts with walking.

But it sure is cute.
Scroll through the pictures to get an idea of what is keeping us entertained pretty much all the time.