Monday, March 29, 2010

Favorite spring thing...

I think it was best said by Mark Twain--

"It is not a small thing when they who are so fresh from
God love us..."
remember this post?  and even this one?

Miracles never cease--baby Mia is home with her mama for the first night.  Two weeks ago  Becki and Ethan left Utah (and hard working medical resident Jeremy) for a simple visit home.  Little did they all know that they would return home a mere two weeks later with their lives completely changed!  Amelia was born eight weeks early but she hasn't let that stop her sweet and courageous spirit!  So many miracles and "coincidences" remind us who is really in charge.  Jeremy can't wait to get everyone home to Utah.  Mia is growing and learning to keep breathing while sitting up in a car seat long enough to make the trip home.  

Spring swing

We are happy around here.  The warm weather is waking us all up!

Swirling and Twirling--one of the best things about spring!

Dallin and Landon are busy with basketball.  
Rustin is swamped with work and church...and making a game out of chore time for the kids.
Who can build the tallest pile and then who can put it away the fastest?  The loser does up-downs.  I don't know why but the kids think it's hilarious...

And I just have to throw this picture in...

I hate to say I told you so but---HOLD STILL!

A bit of mascara made this hair cut fit for church on Sunday---but seriously...

Can anyone tell who this is without me telling?

I should be paying myself.  Six hair cuts (including my dad but of course his hair cuts are 'free'--like he hasn't paid for them a thousand times over!) every six weeks.  Ten dollars a hair cut (right?)... That's roughly 52 haircuts a year--hmmmm...

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I think there is finally light on the horizon. I mean that literally. It seems the weeks have been trudging by with lightening speed.  Meaning that I am usually behind before I even realize that I'm supposed to be doing something.  But, the sun is showing itself in the morning and the flowers are peeking their little heads so it feels like everything is beautiful.

Here are some of the basics from the last few weeks.

Dallin and Landon had their first band concert. 136 beginning band students on the stage at one time. It was shockingly good! We were very impressed and Landon declared that it was the most fun thing he has done in middle school.

Austin finally finished all his outstanding homework which brought his grades up to straight A's. (we won't mention what they were without the missing assignments...)  We are determined to keep organized this quarter. This is not exactly my or Austin's strong point so I'm sure this will be a worthy goal for both of us!

I am dreaming of a chicken coop.  Don't tell my neighbors.

Benson can do endless flips on the trampoline.  He has a couple of bloody lips and loose tooth (not kidding...) to prove it.  

I can do flips on skis (not only lost my skis but my boot as well...).  Oh yes it was beautiful.  With three 12-year-olds to witness my perfect gracefulness I don't think I will soon forget the worst crash I have ever had.

Jenna is halfway through book one of Suzuki violin and I finished book two a couple of weeks ago.  I am surprised at how much I enjoy learning a new instrument.  It isn't nearly as hard as learning the first instrument (piano) was--I wonder if it's like learning a foreign language?  I hear the the third language is easier than the second. Maybe Spanish is on my horizon. 

Rustin is finally sleeping through the night again after a long (almost 4 weeks) and painful bout with an extremely stubborn virus that causes uncontrollable coughing --(still coughing all day long--ugg).  Of course that is just in time for Austin and Benson to pick it up so I am still awake at midnight tonight...

 Jenna picked daffodils and put them in a vase on the table tonight.  I am so thankful to see spring!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The reason we need a king sized bed...

No one wanted to be left out so...we watched short track skating from the soft seats!  We will miss the Olympics.

I think we have all grown accustomed to tight sleeping quarters or something.  This is how I found the boys Saturday night. (all four on one top bunk)(and yes, they are watching Landon play DS) 

Back when my dad and I were making these beds, Dad insisted that we needed to use these very awkward (and super sturdy) bolts that took hours of practice to finally assemble correctly.
It's a good think we did.  No Shopko beds could hold up to this...

I don't think the kids are accustomed to having much private space.  It has been like that since the days when Dallin and Landon would climb into each others cribs. 
Austin and Benson shared a bed until we finished these bunk beds a few months ago.  They still have "sleepovers" where Benson gets in Austin's bed for the night.  (because you know, five feet separating beds is sooo far away...)

Jenna slept on the floor of the boys room for a month or so because she said it was no fair that she didn't have anyone to talk to.  See!--who needs a bigger house!  It's funny what is tolerable--it all depends on what you're used to. 

Luge 2010

Franklin, Idaho is a close runner up for the 2014 winter olympics we are sure. At least we found the perfect sledding run. We had 8 runner sleds and a mile long perfectly sloped snow-covered road up in the hills out of the way of everything.  It snowed like crazy and it was a blast.
I didn't get enough pictures (as usual). 

Benson and I tried to film a run down the mountain but the camera was upside down half the time and then we found that it seriously took two hands and all my skill to keep us moving down the hill and out of the snowdrifts--and I know we weren't anywhere near 90 mph!

I used to think luge or sledding events seemed easy but that fallacy has been laid to rest for sure!