Sunday, October 4, 2009

Global warming among other things

"If this is global warming then I would hate to have seen it before!"

That was Landon's comment when we woke up this morning to ...


Not just the "is that frost or is it snow?" kind of snow but big fat thick wet flakes sticking to everything in sight. It didn't just snow for a few minutes but continued for the entire day. In fact we had to get the ladder out twice to clean the satellite dish out so we could watch conference today. It somehow made our conference-morning cinnamon rolls feel very festive.
Rustin and Austin and I also went to the Saturday morning session of conference at the conference center in Salt Lake. The other kids stayed home and watched Dallin and Landon play in their football game. (Thanks to my family who were all home visiting!)
We loved visiting our friends from Memphis--the Gibbons. Austin and Andrew were little buddies when they were tiny and they picked right back up where we left off. We really enjoyed spending some time with Austin by himself this weekend!

Now I think we need to head out to the shed and bring in all the winter gear. We should get some nice fall weather here next week but better safe than sorry!


Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, we were totally at the Saturday morning session in the Conf. center too!!! We were in SLC this weekend for my parents who cam home from their mission to the West Indies. Wow.

Kimberly said...

Oh I would have loved to see you! one of these days we will come down that direction!

InkMom said...

I love seeing pictures of your family, especially the boys we knew when we lived in Memphis. Isn't it great to have one-on-one time with your kids? Sometimes I think I don't really know them if I don't know what they're like without their siblings.

sariah said...

I agree, between listening to conference and the snow, Sunday had such a warm cozy feeling to it.

Juli said...

Ok, I'm feeling some serious nostalgia here. Cinnamon rolls, snow, and conference. I miss you.