Monday, March 29, 2010

Favorite spring thing...

I think it was best said by Mark Twain--

"It is not a small thing when they who are so fresh from
God love us..."
remember this post?  and even this one?

Miracles never cease--baby Mia is home with her mama for the first night.  Two weeks ago  Becki and Ethan left Utah (and hard working medical resident Jeremy) for a simple visit home.  Little did they all know that they would return home a mere two weeks later with their lives completely changed!  Amelia was born eight weeks early but she hasn't let that stop her sweet and courageous spirit!  So many miracles and "coincidences" remind us who is really in charge.  Jeremy can't wait to get everyone home to Utah.  Mia is growing and learning to keep breathing while sitting up in a car seat long enough to make the trip home.  

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