Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Sometimes it takes me a few weeks into the new year to really figure out what I need to change/accomplish.  I love the start of a new year because it is such a clean slate!
There are a few things I am working on.
Here we go:

Do something hard every day.  I have been writing these things down each day. One day I made my bed before we got in it to sleep even though I really, really wanted to just lay down on the bedspread that was on top of the mattress waiting for the sheets to get dry.

One day I took the kids skiing and did that one last run with Jenna.  I couldn't walk up the stairs without wincing for three days but I am going again this Friday!

One day I loaded the dishwasher.  Even though it was 9 o'clock which is in my 'I am off duty after dinner' time.  Who's kidding who though.  Mom's are never off dinner.  But I have had a habit of ignoring those few dishes left in the sink way too often.  

So my hard things aren't really that hard.  But for me they are a huge accomplishment and 'by small and simple things are great things ' accomplished.  Right?!

Do something with the laundry every day.  Socks count.  Five minutes counts.  Organizing one drawer of clothes counts.  I think part of my laundry problem (BIG problem) is that I always think I have to do ALL of the laundry if I start.  The clothing situation is getting better.  A little bit at a time.  And the kids are helping.  Once we get things a bit more organized then they can all do their own.  But that's a whole other goal in and of itself!

Do something with the bills/mail/finances each day.  Again this is going along with my aversion to anything uncomfortable.  I hate facing finances so I put it off which only makes is worse.  It's not so bad in little 5 minute intervals.  I don't have to plan our entire retirement and funding of the three missionaries that we will have in about two seconds every time I sit down.  

Kiss Rustin every day. Sometimes we forget to kiss.  And man, that boy of mine is one heck of a kisser!  What more can I say...  :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Here we are! 2014 family pictures

We took these at the very end of December so they barely count as 2014 but its all we have!  We will have to make sure to take more in 2015! 
I printed off all our family blog books for Christmas this year.  Well actually I didn't print them all but I printed what I had finished... I'm working on it!  
Any way there are two things I realized.
I need to take more pictures.
I need to take a real camera once in a while!
2014 is going to be remember as the year of the crappy photos!
But as my Aunt Kay always ways--done is better than cute.
I'm going with that philosophy!