Monday, January 27, 2014


My life is pretty repetitive.  Mundane maybe? I suppose some would think so.  But here are a few things I don't want to forget.

When one of the kids 'beats' the others to the front seat, the one who 'lost' will climb in the front seat and step on and bump and push the front-seat-winner on the way to the back seat.  Which makes them both laugh like crazy.  This is Jenna and Benson's favorite game lately.

Jackson made us move his car seat to the very back so he can sit in the back back seat.  Ironic.

Benson and Austin ask to have a 'sleep-over' almost every night.  But Ben likes to sleep up stairs with Jack and when Austin sleeps with them it is ridiculous.  Last night while we were reading "The Princess Academy" we had Austin, Benson, Jenna, Jackson, me and a couple of dogs in the same bed.

Jackson went to church with two different shoes.  If it was summer he would have gone barefoot.  I was just relieved to find one shoe for each foot!  And we were late.  And it was ward conference so the entire stake presidency saw us come in late.  And it was crowded so we had to split up and sit in the available spots.  I've been doing Sundays alone since the twins were nine.  You'd think I 'd have this figured out by now!

Dallin is Grumpy in the morning.  Maybe he will be better when he has a wife to kiss him first thing? Or maybe he will be happier now that his coaches decided to have him wrestle 195 so he can eat.  Hunger=grumpy with Dallin.

Considering the above observation, I have considered making Dallin and Landon and Austin get in bed at 10 so I can read Little House on the Prairie to them.  Again.  It worked when they were three...

Jackson likes to snuggle to sleep.  I lay by him in his bed (usually while we are reading) and he puts his face one inch from mine.  It makes me spontaneously kiss him.  A million times.  I love it.

I can live with two dogs easily.  Three is tolerable.  Four makes me crazy.  

Jackson was just making me draw stick people and he got super mad when I drew shoes on one of the guys.  Figures. 

I am completely aware that this is the best time of life.  Ever.  I don't want anything to change.  And I'm sure I'll say that next year and the year after and the year after...


Jamie Hatch said...

What a great snapshot of happiness! Jealous you are still reading with all your kids, what great memories you are making! Thanks for sharing!

phun said...

This is one of my favorite posts ever.

beck said...

That was me.

Nancy said...

Good updates! I've missed a while... I LOVE your puppy shots! It looks like your photography skills have taken off. Good job!