Thursday, January 2, 2014

Poem 2013

I am finishing up 2013--getting ready to print.  I did our last books on blurb but I am in the market for a different publisher.  Any favorites?

Christmas this year
seemed quick as a wink. 
Time moves faster each year,
don't you think?!

Our highlight was Jackson
So fun and carefree
Our biggest achievement?
 wrapped presents under the tree!

His favorite gift 
was crawly and creepy
Hex bugs zip around
'til they make us all sleepy. 

A Christmas delivery
came from Paisley herself,
ten pups she delivered 
with no help from an elf! (only from me!)

The puppies are darling
they are already growing.
We think it's so fun
to see new life glowing!

The older's and younger's
all like the same things--
electronics and clothes
seem to make them all sing.

Jenna still likes dolls
Benson loves his new scooter
Austin schemes for new app's
on our new Mac computer. 

Dallin and Landon
are easy to please--
music, clothes and some money
cover all of their needs. 

Rustin and I are just happy 
to have everyone close.
Our kids bring us joy
more than anyone knows. 

Happy 2014!

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