Sunday, January 12, 2014

A wintery sunday.

We've started another windy winter!
It seems January is always full of blustery sameness.  
It is fun to watch the kids activities.
Dallin and Landon have been wrestling which is always busy.

Dallin wrestling at the Buhl invitational

Dallin is wrestling 182 this year.  He dropped from 205 after football which means that he has gone to bed without dinner many times and he has sweated through about a million piles of laundry.  He actually lost 6 pounds on one two hour bus trip to Boise.  
He put on everyone's clothes and worked out the entire trip.  
I wasn't thrilled about that...
For the most part he has been able to maintain 182 without too much trouble.  
Originally the goal was for Dallin to wrestle in a different weight class than Landon.  Landon wrestles 195.  
Dallin and Landon don't like to wrestle each other.  
They never have.  
Back in pee wee wrestling they  once got paired up with each other after both had already won three of the four matches needed to get a medal.  
Neither wanted to lose nor did he want his brother to lose so they came up with a plan to tie--neither scored any points. 

Landon's shoulder is still injured.  He has been through months of physical therapy but the shoulders continue to pop out of the joint and are extremely unstable.   They hurt when he runs down stairs too fast or tries to jump rope. 
Actually both shoulders are injured but the left was worse than the right until last wednesday.  Landon was determined to wrestle in at least one meet...  
He won his first match (teched--that means they called the match after he was 15 points ahead) and he pinned in the second match.  During the second match he injured his not-as-badly-injured right shoulder and had to stop twice  to put the shoulder back in it's socket.  
The third time his shoulder 'popped' (as he says...) he said he knew he couldn't stop (only two injury time outs allowed) so he picked the kid up in a fireman's carry, threw him and then pinned him.  Ouch.  He still can't use his right arm for much but he's ranked #1 in the state of Idaho. I guess that's a good way to end his short lived wrestling year. 

Jenna and Austin are trying out for a play tomorrow.  Their first auditions ever.  
I think both will do great.  Jenna is especially nervous and keeps saying that she just wants to stay home but I'm making her do it.  
Benson is busy with basketball and riding his scooter every where he goes.  He strategically places the scooter next to his bed in the morning so he can ride to scriptures right when he wakes up.
Funny kid. 

This afternoon while I was getting dinner ready I heard Jackson howling downstairs so I went to investigate.  He was crying 'my brudder, my brudder,' because Austin had hit Benson in the face with a ball.  
The day that Austin and Benson play together without Benson ending up in tears will be a day to remember for sure...

Paisley's puppies are getting big and cute.  The last litter all looked the same but this litter has more variety.  (different dad).  Some are curly, some cream some have some white markings.  

I have a million organizing projects to get done.  Would't it be fun to live in a perfectly organized house?! I'll keep dreaming. 


Jamie Hatch said...

6 pounds? I wish I could sweat that much off in two hours, however unhealthy it is. And the Scooter to scriptures, smart boy! We should organize together, I need motivation...a lot of it! Good luck!

beck said...

That is so awesome that they are both ranked in the top ten as sophomores. They're kind of awesome. I think they have officially surpassed me in toughness. Haha!

Kimberly said...

Tell that to Reynolds!

Kimberly said...

Tell that to Reynolds!