Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beautiful day.

Rustin and I went skiing with Jenna's 5th grade class.  
Such a great day!  We think 5th graders are fun.  
We had beautiful weather--Rustin and I spent some time skiing alone while Jenna took a lesson.
Jenna has such a cautions nature.  It may take a couple of more trips before she is ready to really hit the slopes.  She's more of a bunny hill kind of girl...She gets better steadily though. 
Sometimes its just nice to get out and see my world from a different perspective.  My Magic Valley is beautiful.  From the top of the slopes we could just make out the patchwork look of farmland--big round pivot circles and winter wheat just starting to come up.  Spending a day like this makes me think that the rest of the 'Save the World' people would feel so much better if they could come see how the world is simultaneously enjoyed and cared for in my neck of the woods.  Idaho is number one in renewable energy sources in the United States by a long way.  
We do love our Idaho!


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