Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A long winter's nap...

It's been a whirlwind around here!
I have lots to write about but tonight I'm just going to pick one place to start...

We had an early Christmas present!

 Early Christmas Eve morning Paisley delivered 10 puppies! She is at the Thompson's house this time.  I went over to help out around 4 am when Paisley started pushing.  The first pup was born at 4:45 and the last at about 10:45.  What a long morning for Paisley!

She did great.  She refused to eat or drink water for the entire day on the 23rd, but she did drink beef broth throughout her labor and delivery.  We always worry a bit about dehydration and exhaustion with 24 hours of not eating!  After nine pups,  Paisley went outside and ate a bowl of her favorite canned food (spoiled...) and finally, after an hour and a half, she got serious about pushing.

The last little girl had her tiny paw stuck up next to her head.  I got to play mid-wife and pull her out to help her make her appearance.  She perked right up after I suctioned her mouth and Paisley and I got her rubbed clean.  All the puppies are as fat as can be now--nursing all the time!

We had six boys and four girls.  We have a mix of tan and cream and we have four that are definitely showing curly coats.  It's fun to see them grow and change so quickly!

They are as adorable as all puppies are.  They nurse in their sleep.  So sweet!

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