Monday, January 13, 2014

Don't tell the state troopers...and brothers

Austin turned 14 right after Christmas.  He also just passed the 6 feet tall mark.  6 and 1/4 inch to be exact... Though the boys say he's at least 6'3" with his puffy hair.  Gotta love curls...

So this New Year's Eve Austin was able to go to the stake dance.  The regional dance was out in Filer.  It's so nice to have Dallin and Landon driving! Nothing ruins a  New Year more than a drive to the middle of nowhere at midnight.  Austin said his brothers taught him some useful tricks at the dance.  Austin was having trouble asking a specific girl to dance and Dallin put his arm around him and asked "who's your target?"  Then he helped him get 'in position' to make asking easier.  Being a teenage boy is harder than it looks!

When the boys came home from the dance they had a confession.  Dallin got pulled over because one of the headlights on the suburban was out.  
He didn't have his license so he used Landon's.  
They said the cop didn't even look twice. 

Having a brother can be an advantage in so many ways!


phun said...

That's really funny. Benefits of being a twin.

phun said...

That was actually me. Becki.