Saturday, September 7, 2013

Exciting changes!

 School started again!  
We start late here--Tuesday was our first day of school.  When budgets got tight in Idaho a few years ago they cut the school days by three or four so they could pay the teachers less.  It was really a big sacrifice by all the teachers so that our district extra-curricular classes could all remain intact.  Drama, chess, soccer, choir, football--we still have them all!
Along with three recesses a day for elementary kids.
I love our schools!

 High School

However, I don't love sending the kids back to school.  I really, really hate when school starts.  I get this physical reaction.  My heart beats faster and I have this constant subtle feeling of impending doom.
I like having the kids home.  I think having them here helps me stay focused and on task.  The start of this Fall was better for me though.

I have been excited for all the great activities the kids have and I am a little more confident in my ability to manage all the crazy schedules all by myself.  

Middle School

My driving life is a little easier this year because---
We bought our own optometry practice!!
Rustin is no longer an employee!!
Rustin's new office is right up the road from the middle school and they both start at 8 AM so Austin gets to ride with his dad instead of on the bus.  That gives him enough time to get piano practicing done before school.  Yea for both of them!
We bought into Gary and Jared Walker's practice--Eastland Vision Clinic.
 Rustin and Jared both work four days a week and Gary will come in on Thursdays and Fridays when Rustin or Jared is out. The office is brand new and beautiful with an on-site lab and a fantastic optical shop.  Rustin's schedule is already packed.  What a blessing! 

So Jack and I are home alone until 3.  
Jack MISSES his kids. 

 He drags me all over the place trying to get me to play with him.  
'C'mere Mom, C'mere.'
All. day.
But he smiles and giggles and snuggles so all is well.

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Jamie Hatch said...

A job change! Yeah! That's so exciting and only working four days a week, now that's the life! Jot will be so jealous and happy for you!