Sunday, August 25, 2013


We had the yummiest muffins today!  
Zucchini banana muffins.

Jackson randomly takes bites out of the muffins... 
 A neighbor gave us an 18 inch zucchini and that sucker was enough for TEN dozen muffins!  

In an effort to get my kids to stop eating super healthy snacks (as pictured below)...

I have been searching out and testing some healthier recipes. 
I especially want to find some non-cold cereal options that are quick and easy. Maybe frozen?
I have seen a recipe for blender pancakes but haven't tried it yet.  
Has anyone tried pancakes made from wheat berries?  
I'd really like to have a freezer full of good breakfast choices so Dallin and Landon don't eat toast and hot chocolate every. single. day. for the next school year.  Once school starts those boys will have 12-13 hour days every day of the week until wrestling is over in March.  They need some good healthy food!

We checked an item off our summer list and went to the drive-in a while ago.  We saw Planes.  I'm sure it was good but I pretty much spent the entire drive-in trying to get everyone comfortable.  By the time the kids settled down on our two gigantic bean bags and stopped jostling each other, the second movie, Monsters University, was half over and I fell asleep.  But it was still fun anyway!

We start our last week of summer tomorrow! Yee-hah!


sariah said...

That made me laugh- spending a whole movie trying to get everyone comfortable. :-)
We are now on our 3rd week of school for my highschoolers. We are jealous of the Twin Falls school district. Summer shouldn't end before the end of August!!

Jamie Hatch said...

You guys have done some fun things this summer...we are boring...I've done the blender wheat pancakes, they are OK. My favorite lately is homemade pancake mix with oatmeal and wholewheat. I'll send you the recipe. My sister freezes the pancakes then cooks them in the toaster when in a hurry for breakfast. You could also make breakfast burritos and then freeze and microwave when in a hurry.