Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall Y'All!

Today's the first day of Autumn!  I love Fall. 

We had a great stake conference this weekend.  Stake conference is one of the two Sundays a year that we get to have our dad sit with us.  It's nice to have a second lap for the tired heads to rest on! Jackson made it through about an hour and twenty minutes before he started saying, "Ready home, mom." We rotate him through the bench pretty well.  Each sibling has something he likes--Jenna always has mints in her bag,  Benson loves to take him out for a drink or help him color, Dallin, Austin and Landon bounce him on their knees and/or turn him upside down.  It works for all of us.

Our stake president gave us three challenges:
1.  Have a fast of gratitude.  Have a family prayer and truly thank the Lord for our blessings.
2.  Fast and pray for moisture.  Our reservoirs are empty.  We really need a big winter!
3.  Pray for missionary experiences

I personally felt prompted to pray to have a desire to do missionary work before President Hansen said anything.  Within the next month or so we will have one set of missionaries in every single ward in the stake!  I know this weighs heavily on Rustin's mind and soul.  There is more than enough work to do but we really need to help our elders out!  I honestly don't know where to start to share the gospel myself.  I'm sure the Lord will help me figure it out if I ask.

 In the mean time we are enjoying the beautiful early Fall afternoon.  The kids have been lounging wrestling on the trampoline and basking in the warm-ish sun. And they just made cookies.  Of course.  It isn't Sunday afternoon without cookies. 

The best part of this evening is that tomorrow there is no school. Hooray! 

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