Sunday, September 8, 2013

Friday Night Lights

TFHS against Hillcrest (Idaho Falls)
Dallin and Landon played in their first varsity game Friday night!  
I am surprised at how much I enjoy watching football when my kids are playing.  
This game definitely helped in the excitement department.  
We won in quadruple overtime.
Have you ever seen a game with four overtimes?!
At the end of regulation time they were tied  12-12 so each team got four downs starting at the ten yard line to try to make a touchdown.  We both scored every time until the final fourth time around when our team ran the ball in for the two extra points and then they kept Hillcrest from scoring. 

Landon started as the Mike (middle linebacker) and Dallin started as the right guard on the offensive line.

  Landon ended up playing on the offensive line almost the whole game as well because one of the linemen dislocated his shoulder.  Kind of ironic because Landon has been fighting with an unstable shoulder all year.  He first injured it last spring playing rugby and now it keeps slipping around in the socket with the occasional partial to complete dislocation.  Ouch.  Really ouch.  He said he felt it pop in and out 6 times during the game.  The last time it slipped,  Landon's brace had come off so it (the humerus bone) moved more than normal and left him screaming with pain until it slipped back.  And then he played the four overtimes.  
I'm super frustrated. So is Landon. 
 We bought every extra protective piece of equipment we could find--gloves, forearm pads, extra neck braces, shoulder brace, knee pads...

 Have I mentioned that I hate injured kids?
So back to physical therapy.  With our fingers crossed!

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