Monday, September 16, 2013

The usual.

We had such a nice almost-Fall weekend!

 We spent the weekend in Pocatello.  Dal and Lan had a game at Holt Arena on Friday night and Rustin's cousin Alex had a wedding reception on Saturday so we took the whole family and stayed at Grandma Geisler's house.  Darren and LoaLee came up with Jotham and Jamie's kids and Aunt Jill and Uncle Terry joined us at the game.  We lost to the very formidable Highland team (#1 5A school in the state) but the kids all played well and we had fun watching.

As for the injury report:   Landon's un-injured knee took a hard hit and is still swollen and bruised and his un-injured shoulder has been hurting all weekend.  We hope he didn't injure it trying to spare his injured shoulder...  Dallin had a great game.  No injuries--just the usual bumps and bruises.  Rustin and I were chuckling as we watched the players come out of the dressing room to load onto the bus. Almost every player had an ice pack taped to a body part--knees, shins, backs, elbows... Football is ridiculous.  But fun.

The weather was in the mid-seventies with  a soft breeze the whole weekend.  I love Fall! We went down to Ross Park where Rustin and I spent many a Saturday in our dating years!  When we went out to load everyone up in the suburban, we realized we made the critical mistake of leaving the boys football gear in the back of the suburban all night.  Holy locker room!  Thankfully Grandma had some febreeze...

The rock here is as slick as a slide--I'm sure generations of playing children
(including toddler Dallin and Landon!) have polished it like nothing else can!

Ross Park was perfect.  The kids climbed around on the rocks and we laid in the grass. Rustin laid with his head on my tummy and Jackson could not stop jumping on top of us.  The kids sat around and talked and laughed like only cousins can.
Austin is missing from this picture because he had just split his brand new shorts from waist to hem...
The big boys chatted with Grandpa Hatch about who to take to the Homecoming Dance and how to ask them.  Thankfully Dallin's phone died so he would quit texting long enough to chat...

Rustin and I watched Jackson play on the playground equipment.  I think he's only been to a park twice... Poor youngest child!

We had a great weekend!

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beck said...

Rustin's face! And I'm laughing that Jackson has only been to a park twice. Your house is his park!