Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our newest family member!

We have a new dog! 

Not quite as exciting as a new baby but nearly as time consuming!
We are embarking on a new adventure.  We have always loved dogs and we especially Love whelping puppies so we have started a new business!

We are going to be breeding English Cream Goldendoodles and I will be writing all about it on a blog over at our new website.   

After searching from the East coast to the West we found our perfect dog.  We purchased Paisley with some friends here in town (Matt and Fonda Thompson) and Paisley flew in from southern Arizona last Friday.  She is beautiful, easy going and very mild mannered and she is doing great hanging out with chickens and a busy toddler.  We will be breeding her with a smaller white poodle and we will have beautiful rare English Goldendoodles in about 2 1/2 months.  We can't wait!  

I have spent a million hours working on our new website which is all about our dogs, breeding, puppies and training. 
Click on over and have a look!  


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Jamie Hatch said...

you took the leap! Yeah, what a fun new adventure - good luck!