Tuesday, March 5, 2013

State wrestling 2013

If you had asked me how I felt about wrestling before this year I would have told you that I was not a fan.  Most of my previous experiences with wrestling usually involved brothers who couldn't solve their own disagreements or long drawn out meets spent sitting in hot sweaty bleachers. 

This year totally changed my mind!

Dallin and Landon threw their hearts and souls (and blood sweat and tears...) into wrestling this year so I decided that I better figure what it was all about.  I found some experienced wrestling parents to sit by in the bleachers and I started to learn all the in's and out's of scoring, strategy and amazing physical and mental effort. 

I am now a fan. 

We spent two days in Pocatello at the Holt Arena watching epic battles for the ultimate state wrestling title. (Sixteen mats at the same time--every high school from Idaho!) 
It was inspiring and torturous. 

Here was the inspiring part...

Dallin State Wrestling Tournament 2013

Landon Wrestling tournament 2013

Here is the torture:

Jackson was not a fan of the 8-10 hour days in the stands.  Actually he just wasn't a fan of the mom who wouldn't let him run down the cement ramps alone and who stopped him from climbing the giant unused storage stair-cases that lead to nowhere.  

Thankfully we had lots of other family members who came to watch and wait and hang out with us. Spencer, Tom, Kendra and Becki all came with their families.

We also got to spend two days with Grandma Geisler which was fun.  I think it is beyond awesome that my kids can know their great grandmas.  
There were some inspiring wins and some heart-breaking losses. Both of the boys did great.  Dallin started the tournament seeded 3rd.  Landon wasn't seeded at all.  They went through entirely different routes and ended up placing 4th (Landon) and 5th (Dallin) in the 195 pound  4A category.  They narrowly avoided wrestling each other.  Phew. 

The cousins ran around and joined the pack of random kids holding an impromptu wrestling tournament on the turf in the end zone.  They found an empty storage container and made a 'fort.'  Our family who couldn't come kept in constant touch with texts and phone calls. Thanks everyone!  It was a great weekend. 


Jamie Hatch said...

I wondered how jackson was enjoying the long days and if you stayed at Grandma's... I wish we could have come up for a few hours, but it looks as though you had plenty of company. Congratulations on the wins!

Kimberly said...

We wished you were there too! Benson has been asking to see Mark. Maybe we'll come to your house for Easter.