Monday, March 11, 2013

Grandparents, Cauldrin Linn and spring

Rustin and I went to the most beautiful sealing this weekend here in our temple.  The temple president was the sealer.  At the very beginning of the sealing he talked about how happy he was to see grand parents and great-grandparents at the ceremony. He said that where grandparents are obedient  grandchildren will follow.  He said that the reason we have so many temples here in Southern Idaho is because righteous grandparents have taught their children.  I felt the spirit so strongly.  I know he is right.  Sometimes I reflect back on the generations that have gone before me with awe.  They had such faith and determination.

A while ago when we were visiting Great-Grandma Geisler we asked her to tell us about her parents.  How many kids can say they learned about their great-great grandparents from people who knew them personally?!

This weekend reminded me that I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my ancestors. I hope they now know how much their work and dedication have paid off.

We had Rustin's parents here visiting this weekend with Sam and Ariel and baby Jori.

We loaded kids and a picnic up and went to Cauldrin Linn on Saturday.  We love to go there when the water is low because of all the awesome rock formations.

We skipped rocks on the smooth calm river surface above the narrows and we hiked around on the rocks.  We got splashed by a dog (Paisley!) who--we discovered--loves to swim, and we had a nice picnic lunch. Might I just add--the lunch was completely prepared, packed and loaded by Rustin.  It was so nice!

The dogs ran around and sniffed everything.  Paisley swam in the river (and gave us all a shower!) and we enjoyed some fresh air and vitamin D!

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lilybit said...

Fun in the sun! Yeah for good grandparents.