Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fair and Balanced

           We love that Dallin and Landon get along and generally treat each other very fairly but these two seem to have an 'injury equality' philosophy that is getting seriously expensive.  
And painful for all of us.
Both boys somehow tore the meniscus in their  left knees last spring.
Landon  had surgery to repair his a couple of months ago.

We thought Dallin was going to get away with physical therapy but no luck.
Dallin had a flap of the meniscus hanging into the joint which (despite several months of physical therapy)  has gotten more and more painful and he also had a spot on the condyle of the femur that was smushed in (to put it scientifically...) from an  injury in a game a few weeks ago.  
So he had surgery today to fix the meniscus.  The bone will just have to heal on its own.
All day the nurses were saying "you guys look really familiar..."  
We were in the same room with the same doctor with the same knee injury and the "same" kid.
It was funny. 
He will heal well but he has six weeks of no running so football is over for this year.  We'll have to see about basketball.
In the meantime he is wearing support hose, watching netflix and eating Oreos.  


Jamie Hatch said...

seriously, have you looked into Aflac yet? oreos and netflixs, pretty dang awesome together!

Lindsay said...

Support hose? awesome! haha your kids....