Friday, October 26, 2012

A favorite

I have to admit I have a favorite in the upcoming election. 

This election year has been interesting because Dallin and Landon have watched all the debates with us.  They have lots of questions.  Mostly thanks to a super liberal teacher at the high school.  Dallin has a speech teacher who is unabashedly  anti-Romney and she showed parts of the second debate in class and proceeded to slam Romney, pausing every few seconds to make comments and point out Obama's side of the issues.  

I don't mind the teacher pointing out and discussing debate tactics but it really bugs when  teacher doesn't at least try to discuss both points of view.  Or at the very least make sure the students know that she has a one sided opinion...

So we sat down and went back through the debate and talked about each of the questions they had.  They took notes so they would be able to intelligently discuss the situation with the teacher.  

It's so interesting to switch the channel from FOX to ABC to MSNBC and see the blatantly different opinions.    I guess that's what free press is about right?  We get to hear everyone's different points of view.  The most important thing is to recognize that everyone reports from a bias.  I don't actually think there is such a thing as neutral reporting.  So that's where it becomes important to listen to all the sides and make it a matter or prayer.

And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one praying.

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sariah said...

Yes, this year my boys have been very interested in watching the debates too. It's been fun. (When I'm not ready to smack Joe Biden through the screen!