Monday, March 12, 2012

And again.

Another injury.

It looks like Dallin tore the lateral  meniscus on his left knee playing in the Explorer scout basketball tournament the other day.  Poor kid is walking like an alien.  I'm sure his weird straight-legged-side-leaning gait is making great impressions at the stake dance tonight...

He is most discouraged because he was merely seconds from getting on the "wall of 5" at school. The wall of five is for people who run the mile in under six minutes.  Dallin and Landon both hate it when people say that big guys aren't fast so Dallin has been running and running to prove 'everyone' wrong.  I think his last time was 6:10. So close.

We are going to try a couple of weeks of physical therapy to see if things get better.  If not...we head to surgery. Poor Dallin. Or maybe poor me.

Otherwise is it buisness as usual around here.

Jackson is so darn cute. And mischievous.
Jackson has been climbing on things since before he could walk.
He hoists himself up onto this old worn out playhouse that sits next to the computer.
He stands there with whatever prize he hauled along...

Then he squawks until someone comes to get him down.
Unless I ignore him long enough and then he gets himself down.
What a life.


Juli said...

He reminds me of an octopus - squirming through his play house like that!

ariel june said...

Man he is so...I don't know the right complimentary word. I'm thinking advanced? He just looks that much more so because Jori is JUST starting to crawl really, and still isn't even using her knees. And he's climbing on top of and through doll houses!! What a little studmuffin. :)