Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chicken Whisperer

Jackson 'helped' my dad work on the chicken coop today.  
The chickens have a particular squawk they make when Jackson is in the vicinity.  He can catch them no matter where they go.  At least he has learned to pick them up by the body instead of just a foot or wing.
Poor girls.
They can't wait for the fence and gate to be done...


Jamie Hatch said...

love the picture of him hang his head out of the chicken coop! I can hardly wait to see some pictures of this cute coop, is it done yet?

Juli said...

I'm so jealous of your chickens! (I'm having chicken envy.) I thought, now that we have a bit of land in the "country" we could get chickens. Ha. Chicken coops here have to be heated, and surrounded by five strands of electric fence to keep the bears out. Someone didn't follow these instructions and a bear got in and ate the chickens. The owner shot the bear, which didn't die, and now the kids can't walk home from school because there is a wounded grizzly bear loose in the neighborhood. I think I'll be buying my eggs from the grocery store. Bummer.