Wednesday, October 3, 2012

family photoshop experiments

 We took some family pictures last weekend.
Pictures with a toddler are a challenge. 

Most looked like this:

 Or this...

So I combined this picture--

and this picture--

To get a family picture with everyone looking.

I used the quick selection tool.  It took forever to figure out how to get two photos open at the same time.  I think I finally just drug them both up into the work space   Then I cut Jackson out of one picture with the quick selection tool and then I right clicked on the selection and chose 'layer via cut'  and then I used the move tool to drag him over to the other picture.  I slid the picture of  Jackson around until it looked like it fit in and there it is. 

I am writing this down mostly so I can look back and remember how I did it.  

Here are a few other favorites:


Jamie Hatch said...

fun pictures! Can't wait for my Christmas card, hint, hint! My favorite is the one you turned sepia.

Valerie and Garrett said...

Cute family, Kim! These pictures turned out great!

VicandNanc said...

Ha! I totally understand your pain! My kids will never smile at the same time & our pictures last about 5 minutes before Vic gives up! Don't know if this helps, but try opening both pictures in photoshop, select the part of the picture you want, go up to "edit" and select "copy", then open up the picture you want it to go onto & go to "edit" & select "paste" OR if you want to make sure it is going behind something you can select the area you want in your new picture & then select "paste into selection". I used to use that all the time until I discovered that I can paste in my selection w/ alot of extra around it, go over to layer & make it really transparent so you'll see exactly where it is going, then push "Control T" to move & make your new layer bigger or smaller to fit the area. Then once you have where you want it, go back to the layer panel & make it 100% opacity, THEN use your eraser tool to erase all the extra new layer you don't want in the picture. I use a lot of "control z" (undo) when using the eraser tool to make sure it looks normal. Sounds like a lot, but it goes really fast as I have to do it all the time!

Kimberly said...

Nancy will you just come over and show me? pretty please!

Kimberly said...

Nancy will you just come over and show me? pretty please!

Lindsay said...

They look good Kim! Good thing you have a photogenic family. I like the sepia toned one too. I think you could make an awesome collage.

Lindsay said...

I like the sepia toned one best too, I think. They look great! Good thing you are all so photogenic. You could make an awesome collage.

Juli said...

So, wait. Did you take those pictures yourself, or just edit them? They look great!