Thursday, November 1, 2012


 Just to catch up...
 We were lucky enough to have the perfect Jack-o-lantern smile just in time for Halloween.

 Seriously.  Benson's teeth couldn't have been more perfect for a freaky pumpkin carving template.
Along with a dirty faced baby.

We had a great Halloween.  Perfect 70's-ish weather (we have had snow in some years...)
And happy kids.
And of course lots of spicy pumpkin seeds. 

And the all important costumes--
Jenna was a witch, an Egyptian Princess and a 50's girl--all this year. (can we say indecisive?) 
 Austin is a Rasta man, Dallin is a vampire bat, a random friend is a pirate, Landon is Rocky and Benson is Bilbo. (As opposed to Frodo from last year... no complaints from me!)

 And Royalty!
We tried putting Jackson in a box. { Jack-in-the-box...}  He didn't go for it.


Jamie Hatch said...

Jack in the box! So cleaver, too bad he won't go for it, at least he wore his hat! I wanted better photo's of the Royalty!

Jamie Hatch said...

Oh, and I totally laughed at your photo-shopping Benson's smile onto the pumpkin!