Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm dreaming of


Even though I swore them off.

Flowers make me feel like all is right with the world.

This picture makes me want to move to France so I can browse the little outdoor markets.

Peonies can transport me like that.

Sometimes I fantasize about living in Buckingham palace.  As in--I bet Princess Kate doesn't find crackers under the couch when vacuuming.  I bet Princess Kate doesn't vacuum at all.  I bet no one actually eats crackers in Buckingham palace.  They eat baguettes.  With tiny little shrimp.

There is something about the royal family that fascinates and bugs me at the same time.  I just read a great book called "the Help" about black maids in the south in the 60's and I realized what bugs me about royalty.  It's really one of  the same things that bug me about slavery--that is the idea that a person is born into their place in life with no ability to choose or make it different.  I have always known that I could be anything I want to be.

So today I am glad to choose to live right here in Idaho with my little bunch.  Crackers and all.

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