Monday, June 27, 2011

Week three June 20-26

Another great week.  Lots more pictures to come--right after we get the laundry done!

The favorites of the week--
* perfect weather for swimming, hiking and playing
* new cousins--there will be four new babies this year when 
Ariel and Sam have their baby in a few weeks.  Very cute.
* A day at the lake included sand castles, canoes, watermelon football (they float!) and ultimate frisbee.  Not to mention a few rotten sunburns. ouch.
*Climbing a 2600 year old tree!
*Delicious food.  Peanut butter brownie s'mores 
topped the list of favorite deserts.
* Water painting lessons from Aunt Heidi
*Family Dance
*Family testimony meeting
*exploring Minnetonka cave (888 stairs!)
*Soft quiet beds!

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ariel june said...

So fun!! I'm so glad we got to be there. But I also kind of think that was crazy-we could have made it back to Provo had I gone into labor, but I can't imagine having contractions for three hours in the car (now, after having had the real contractions)! Good thing I had no clue, we would have really missed out! :)