Monday, June 27, 2011

A peek under my bed.

I'm not actually putting pictures of the dust and hair balls (or should I say golden retriever tumble weeds?) that are currently under my bed.  But I do have a this.

A giant box of wishful thinking.  I am a window shopper.  I rarely buy things {that would require making decisions} but I love to look. I have a cardboard box full of pictures of things I love.  Most of these magazines are old Pottery Barn magazines.  I live in Idaho--which I love--but we don't have Pottery Barn around here so items in the magazines are just pictures--ideas.
An actual store?!--Heaven!
 Jenna and I visited Trolley square while we were in Salt Lake.

 I love Pottery Barn furniture.  I dream of completely furnishing my house... 
One late night (or early morning? remember that little monkey that is currently attached to my hip?),  I discovered a treasure chest of fodder for my imagination. It totally beats the box under my bed.   Now I'm dreaming of becoming a carpenter. Next time you are up in the middle of the night you should check it out.  
Then you will want to go buy a table saw.  And a Kreg Jig. 

Have a look for yourself.  
Free Furniture plans Here.

I want to make this.

or maybe this.

or maybe I will start with something a little more simple like this.

I also have a thing for beautiful pottery with beautiful colors.  Good thing it's my dad's current hobby. He doesn't know it yet but building Pottery Barn knock-off furniture is about to become his next hobby!

I really want this--

It's plastic.  
They must have sent a product developer to my house when I wasn't looking because families like mine don't get along so well with glass containers.

But if we could refrain from breaking things I would also love this one--

I have a million mason jars around.  As does any self-respecting Idaho girl.
So this would fit right in to our kitchen.  Right after the dishes are done! 
Click on the pictures to go to the web sites.  
Happy window shopping!


sariah said...

My sister in law loves that site too and sent me that way. She was telling me she want to buy this special tool.... a Kreg jig! :-) We own one and Joel says it's are great but don't go through the link that they have on the furniture site. You can find them on Amazon and for 99 dollars. That makes me wonder if they are in Lowes store for that much too...better than 150.

I adore that mason jar drink dispenser.

Juli said...

Oh you are awesome. I completely agree with you. I love the plastic. We actually broke one of those at a picnic. Small children and juice in a glass container - not good.