Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My list for the day:

1.  Finish all the laundry
one load
Put the laundry in the basket.

2.  Make banana bread.
Eat the cake from Grandma.

3.  Update Quicken accounts.

4.  Don't forget to go to Austin's boat race at Dierke's lake at 10:30.

5.  Don't forget to go to Benson's Kindergarten graduation at 10:30.
quote from Benson this morning--"Mom, do you even know I'm here?"

6.  Swipe Ketsup and Mustard from your mother's pantry because you 
don't have time to go to the store and get some to take to Austin's class picnic.  See #4 and #5.

7.  Take Benson to Baseball practice.  
When you get there, realize that the practice is tomorrow.

8.  When you get back from taking Benson to practice
realize that Dallin is now late for his brain neuro-feedback appointment--
which you forgot last week costing $75.

9.  Be thankful that Grandma took pity on her distant offspring and fed them all dinner.

10.  Blame everything on the fact that you had mastitis yesterday and barely survived
 the 16 hours it took for antibiotics to kick in.

Tomorrow is the last day of school.  Hallelujah!


Jamie H said...

oh, kim. I hate breast infections - and life doesn't seem to stand still for them either! hang in there, summer is almost here!

sariah said...

Yikes! The end of the school year is so crazy. Everyone schedules the final recitals and performances for the last week that all ready coincides with finals and all. Sheesh. I hope you are feeling much better.

InkMom said...

I just realized I don't even have an email address for you. Who else is going? We'll have no kids but that doesn't mean we're unwilling to see anyone else's! Can't wait to see everyone . . . But we should probably get organized, right? How should we do this? Inkmome at gmail dot com.

Juli said...

Oh, mastitis will wipe you out! I wish I lived next door so I could help. Our mom is awesome. She must 1have made dinner completely jet-lagged from returning from Australia, and busily getting ready to fly to Ohio. Enjoy not having to get ready for school every day