Monday, June 1, 2009

Life continues...

We are here! This has been a crazy couple of weeks. But lot of fun too! Our house is, of course, completely organized with not a single box to be unpacked. Not really, but I am amazed at how much easier this is without a nursing baby or a big pregnant belly! Rustin was able to take a couple of days off to help too and we've actually had a lot of fun.

I am still trying to find the perfect spot for everything and am constantly discovering another category of stuff (ie. extra linens that I forgot were at my parents house... A bunch of them--dang) to find a new home for. I'm also still trying to revamp our budget and finance which is always my favorite task. And we are going to be overrun with laundry if I don't get the dryer up and running pretty quick!

The outside is getting a major face lift with a new roof and a gorgeous porch (at least I hope...). I can't wait. I have been sketching drawings with the builder for weeks now.
The beautiful iris plants are surviving the onslaught of roofing materials and the rose bushes are blooming beautiful fire and ice, lavender and yellow roses. I love being able to pick my own flowers. The yard in general needs a lot of work. All five kids put in a good four hours with us Saturday morning weed-whacking and cleaning up flower beds. I think it will take a couple of summers to get it all just right.
Dallin and Landon love their big packs they got the their twelfth birthday. I need to post about the great experience of having our oldests ordained to the priesthood. Very special.

Two more days of school and we are off to the summer races. We have Juli and Shon and their kids here this week which is a blast. We can't wait to see everyone this summer!

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