Friday, January 2, 2009

Remembering our sweet little Molly girl...

We lost our Molly (our beagle) on Tuesday down at the Hatch's in Franklin. She was hit by a pick-up and was killed almost instantly. Dallin was with her at the very end.

We were sad and of course unprepared. We are so glad that she was in her favorite place in the whole world. (Beagle heaven=TEN acres to run and sniff and lots of other FUN dogs to play with!)

We burried her in a little spot on the hill. We gathered our family together and said our goodbyes and covered her little grave with rocks.

We learned a lot from Molly. We went through the teeth grinding pain of house training (honestly!). We spent hours upon hours teaching basic obedience (with good success I might add!). We watched and loved the miracle of life with her sweet little puppies .

We also learned about the requirements of being responsible for the well being of another creature. We brushed and cleaned up piles of hair. We went on walks in the rain and snow. We rolled down hills with leashes tangled with the laughter of kids. We were able to come up with a great consequence for fighting--I don't know if we will ever find something that will top 'ten pieces of poop for everyone--now!'.

I have heard people talk about how sad it is to lose a pet before but I never really understood what they were talking about. It was hard to see such a devoted and loving companion buried. Benson had the best perspective. The boys were telling him--"Ben, Molly is gone and we'll never, ever see her again." Benson just looked at them with a funny look and said "she'll be resurrected of course--like Jesus." It was sweet.

Everyone said what they liked most about Molly. The way she wagged not just her tail but the entire back half of her body whenever someone came home. Austin loved the way she always chose to sit with him at scriptures in the morning so she could lick his hands (??!) Landon was proud that he taught her to 'come'. Dallin loved throwing toys for her in the backyard. Jenna loved to dress Molly up. Benson has no memory of life without Molly. Rustin and I remember the time that she swiped three pieces of pizza off the table and buried them in the potted tree in the corner.

I remember the day she endeared herself to me forever. My good friend was over visiting with her six month old baby. Molly walked up to gather the scent of this new visitor and the baby reached up and grabbed both of Molly's ears in his little fists and squealed. Molly just looked up and licked his hand. Then she laid her head on the floor right next to the baby. She didn't just tolerate the children. She sought them out as her favorite companions. She did this time and again with all of the kids. I will just about go to the end of the earth for someone who loves my children with such devotion. Even if the someone brings an incredible amount of hair-shedding and yard pooping activities.

We are thankful we had Molly with us and we know that she is happy in "good dog heaven"--whatever that includes.


Allison said...
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Allison said...

What a sweet looking dog and what a beautiful tribute to her! You can tell how loved she was.
(I tried to post this a second ago but had to remove it and try again because of tons of spelling errors!)

Camisetta said...

Oh! That is so sad! I hope your family is handling it ok. She really is such a beautiful dog! :(

Redfish Clan said...

She was lucky to live with such a good family. Pets have a lasting influence in people's lives.

beck said...

I was so sad to hear about Molly. I hope your kids are doing okay with it all.

beck said...

And you too.

The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

How sweet! What a great way to remember a truly special friend and family member.

I hope you're little ones and you guys are coping ok. All the best.

Juli said...

I'm so sorry. I know how much you guys love Molly. We're sad too.