Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How do I love thee?

Fourteen years. I am aware, now more than ever, that a fulfilling and life-sustaining relationship requires divine intervention and the willingness of two souls. Thankfully we have been the benefactors of both for many years. I look back at my naive, just-married self, and I realize that I cannot even begin to count all the blessings we have received. Here are just a few--in no particular order...

14--Crow's feet--I wouldn't trade those crinkly smiling eyes for a million dollars! I really mean that.
13--broken picture frames--only the children of my Rustin could love to play with the level of enthusiasm that threatens the well being of my home. I wouldn't change it.
12--sock-nagging. that is to say, Rustin fills the gaps in my rough character--in many ways. He reminds me to pick up my socks and he does it for me if I forget. How many girls are jealous of that!
11--the perfect grilled chicken. It's more than just food. It's the comfort of partnership in all things that warms my tummy.
10--the sweetest kiss--even when this grumpy wife doesn't realize that the kiss is exactly the medicine to cure what ails her. How does he know? When will she learn?
9--Giant pile of stuff race--Rustin's method for teaching the kids to work--turn it into a game. Brilliant. It sure beats my grumpy method. I am trying to learn.
8--Nightstand piles--Reminding me that there is nothing cleaner--in many ways--than a pile of scriptures and talks next to the pillow.
7--Pillows on the floor--Truly an example of conversing with the Lord. Every night, without fail, this man kneels by his bedside. It's probably the most important thing that leads the spirit of our home. I don't think I've told him that. Thank you.
6--Chickens--Do you know that Rustin found himself a job working in the chicken coops at the tender age of 11 because it paid a whopping $1.25 an hour which was more than his paper route? You must see Napoleon Dynamite to appreciate this (filmed in his home town!). Character building starts very early--I need not shelter myself or the kids from all things difficult. (big thanks to Darren and LoaLee here)
5--Mistakes. Being willing to have both the Lord and my husband love me through my many short falls because I know that they both understand my soul without judgment.
4--Red Gingham flip-flops. A birthday present. He reminds me that I am worth the little details.
3--Fingers in my hair. He loves my curls and my dimples. Both things that have caused me anxiety and insecurity in the past but now help define who I am.
2--Singing. Strange that it would be Rustin who would initiate the singing for the family considering my background. I can't believe I used to drag my feet for morning scriptures, song and prayer. And Christmas carols. You know what I mean Rustin--thank you.
1--Weakness. The Lord shows us our weakness so that we may become strong. Rustin reminds me of that and we love each other even more because of our weaknesses. Together, our weak things can become strengths. I'm so thankful for the perspective of eternity. Fourteen years is but the beginning.


VicandNanc said...

This is so sweet & shows what a GREAT bishop we have inside & out!

Mike and Kathleen said...

You are both so much fun to be around, easy to talk to, easy to get to know, humble, and incredible examples to all those around you. You will always be forever friends.