Tuesday, June 30, 2009

C'est Fini!

I have to be my own cheerleader so I am reminding myself that I have done something other than dinner, dishes, laundry and traffic control. So here goes...

At long last I have completed the desk and kitchen counter projects. The desk I wanted from Pottery barn was going to cost us around $800. Instead, I bought the filing cabinets I liked from Fred Meyer and I created the top with a couple pieces of good plywood a couple pieces of trim and a really sturdy oil-based enamel black paint. So far so good--it has held up to the three kids playing at a time problem. And for the bargain price of $195...

AND--I have to mention that I tackled something I didn't know how to do. I wired a new telephone line to the outside access box and I ran the cord around to the wall I wanted and fed it in through the exterior and interior wall (Rustin has to help me pull the wired through). I wired it to a new phone box inside. I had to try two different boxes before I found one that worked with the computer but it is all up and running! (Thanks Spencer for talking me through it!)

This kitchen dining counter took three tries to get the pour-on-epoxy finish right but it looks like glass and it holds up GREAT to all the abuse dished out by the little ones. At least so far. This wouldn't have cost quite as much if it hadn't taken three boxes of glaze but even with the mistakes this project cost $95. I haven't quite got the bar stools and height figured out yet. We're getting there though! There are also some tiling and window trim things that need to be figured out. I can do it though. It's kind of fun.
.Last but not least we finally unpacked and sorted and put away all the toys into our designated toy cupboard. We have thinned them out quite a bit to the things Jen and Ben play with most. And of course we still have at least thirty swords and other lovely weapons. And we have a "Joshy box" for when the younger cousins and friends come over. Can't get rid of that!

We still have lots of organizing and finishing and putting away to do but we are getting there. And I am finding that I am happier and happier as I keep myself busy and when I am proactive about the day.

I have decided that I need to pull out my creative hat and come up with some fun things to do at home. Maybe we'll have a StarWars week or a treasure hunt week or something. It would be fun to plan the meals and some fun activities to go with those themes. We'll see. If anyone is more creative than me and can give me some ideas I'm all ears!


Ash said...

good job kim! I'm glad that you were able to put the kitchen back together after you had Trevor and I pull it apart!

Emily said...

Yeay Kim! That is awesome!! I didn't know you were an electrician!! I have to tell myself I get the pottery barn catalog for IDEAS. I want to see pictures of the backsplash and countertops!!!

beck said...

Wow. You know how to get stuff done.