Monday, June 15, 2009

Who needs a linen closet?

You can't tell from the picture that there are actually five children sleeping in that giant tent. It lasted two days before we needed our living room back.
Rustin and I spent Friday night up in Sun Valley in our friends' condo (thank you again!). Of course (see previous post) it rained so hard the power went out all night. But the hot tub was still hot so all was well!

We actually LOVED the peace and quiet and the smell of wet pine trees (with a front row view of the lift and baldy mountain out the window!). Everything was very quiet and deserted in the 'non-skiing' season. It was really nice.

The boys are busy with swim team every day and scouts, lessons and Chores (I can hear the moans...) in the mean time.

We still have a set of missionaries living in the basement which means all four boys are sharing a room. They are doing really well but I constantly have to make sure no one drops their clothes on the floor. They'll get it without me pretty soon. I hope!

The missionaries are helping pay both mortgages until we get the other house sold. We have shown it a few times this week and had a big group of realtors come tour it even though it is for sale by owner. We'll see!

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sariah said...

Ooooo..nice mom!! Forts like that can only stay up 24 hours before they drive me crazy. Heidi and Reagan will want to move to your house if they see what fun the kids are having over there!