Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankfulness remembered

Years ago in Memphis we had three small busy boys (5,5,almost 3). We also had a really great babysitter. Amanda Slauson. One Thanksgiving while babysitting she had the boys make this list of things they were thankful for. We keep it in Rustin's journal.

In case you can't read it here are a couple favorites:

#14--being able to go to the park
#15--being able to climb really big dirt hills
#16 When Landon fell down the dirt hills at the park he didn't die (seriously that was a minor miracle--very high and steep dirt hills!)

#19--not having to walk to school (Dallin)
#20 Not missing the bus (Landon)
#21--missing the bus because then we get to ride with Mommy and Daddy (Dallin)

#23--that we have arms
#25--"that the pioneers could make it"

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beck said...

That's really really cute. I like that they were thankful for "Austey". And arms. Two really good 'a' words.