Thursday, November 13, 2008

Veterans Day etc.

We went to my dad's symphony concert last night. I love small town symphonies. It really was one of their best concerts that I've been to. They played a medley at the beginning that included the theme songs of each of the branches of service and they invited the veterans present to stand during their branch. For some reason it almost moved me to tears. So many old wrinkled faces along side the young ones. And of course seeing my dad stand always brings back a lot of childhood memories. I am really grateful for the memories I have of the military. Big thanks to Mom and Dad. The music was beautiful, the kids did great (Dallin, Austin and Jenna) and we were uplifted. A great night. And happy birthday to Kenj. And Dad today. And Bro A a couple of days ago.

Speaking of Brother A., I took my activity girls out to his house last Thursday to rake leaves. He told me when I got there that he didn't really need their help that much because he could use his lawn mower to blow the leaves. I told him that we really weren't there because his leaves needed raked--we were there because some girls needed to rake leaves. I think he needed us more than he knows. I used the blower to blow a couple of decades of spider webs off the windows. You can thank me later Beck. We seriously need to have a family service project out there in the spring and we need to do some cleaning. I think it would be fun. He sure is spry and fun for what 85? Who's counting!

The kids are doing well. We have had a few rough Sundays (they actually made me cry two weeks ago...)but I am determined to get on top of this and make it a really nice day of worship. Any ideas are totally welcome! Mostly, how do I keep wiggly kids still (not the four-year-old,the eight-year-old) and how do you separate them when there's only one parent? And I'm trying to get a good traditional Christmas choir concert for Sac meeting if anyone has any ideas I could use those too.

We don't have any pictures lately because I can't find the charger for my camera. It will turn up one of these days. In the mean time we can't wait for Thanksgiving!


Camisetta said...

Hey Kim! I'm the music director in my ward and I am also putting a choir together for Christmas and I'm so excited! I love choirs. The Bishop asked us to have a completely music Sunday the Sunday before Christmas. We're going to have one speaker and the rest is all music! I'm really excited and we've been working really hard.

Becky said...

I tear up for the armed forces too. 4th of July parades tear me apart and anytime I see Firefighters in the grocery store, I choke up and can't talk to them. As far as keeping kids still on the bench, just know you're not the only one and I try to think that most of the people sitting behind me have had their moments with their kids and are just chuckling at the memories. I'm sure they miss all those great times. I miss you!!

Vicky said...

Kim, since living around all these military families. I choked up every time they are recognized. There are so many told/untold sacrafices. Ryan makes sure to thank them when ever he has the chance during an eye exam.
About church. Ryan and I took our boys to church every monday for FHE until they could learn how to behave on sunday. We would take turns reading out of the friend over the pulpit. We told them that this was their reality until they could behave at church. So far so good. If you figure out anything else post it, I'm sure most of us are in the same boat.