Wednesday, November 19, 2008

perfect November

We have had the prefect fall weather around here. There is frost on the windows in the morning but it has been in the sixties every day this week. Yesterday I took the kids down to Shoshone falls park with our good friends the McCurdys. There is actually a lot of water right now. The boys had fun playing mountain goat up all the steep side trails. Then they all played tag.

In other not so exciting happenings: I made a new job chart that the kids are doing really well with. It kills two birds with one stone--they all get their own Christmas money (we like them to spend their own money) and we get all the jobs done. As soon as I get my camera charged up I will have to take a pic so I can remember it!

We also moved ALL the toys downstairs at the kids request so they can keep their rooms clean more easily. I have a feeling that this may be death to the tidiness of the family room but we'll hope for the best.

Jenna's doing great with violin. Benson not so much. He likes the rhythms but doesn't like the actual violin practice(very squeaky!). He still hasn't figured out the potty either. As he says--we just keep trying (Help!)!

The boys and I just finished reading "The Fire of the Covenant" about the handcart companies. It had us all in tears and was a really inspiring story. We just started a new series about the Nephites at the time of Samuel the Lamenite. So far so good... I'm still working on getting everything in the house organized and I can't wait to go see Twilight on Friday for my mom's birthday!


jlohran said...

Brooke and I read the Fire and the Covenant a few years ago-- loved it too!

Mike and Kathleen said...

Your boys are good mountain goats! Thanks for the fun time for me and the girls.